Encrypting Billions

“Imagine the permutations and implications of tens of thousands of banks, millions of merchants and billions of consumers all over the world! We must be able to trust one another for E-Commerce to work.”

- Michael Keresman -

Bezos, Zuckerberg or Musk: will our modern tech entrepreneurs be remembered for their legacy like Carnegie, Ford and Edison before them? What defines a technology legacy? Who is at the backbone of our digitized world today? 

An industry overseer, Digital Commerce 360 estimates that consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 44.0% year over year. Truly a staggering sum to be sure. However…

Most of us have forgotten how terrifying e-commerce was just a few years ago; at the dawn of e-commerce. Fraud and identity theft were rampant at the turn of the century. More importantly, Silicon Valley did not have the answers either.

That’s when Michael Keresman saw an opportunity to refine the digital payments process. Only his name or his company, CardinalCommerce may not sound familiar. It was Cardinal that initiated security protocols called “Intelligent Authentication,” and then advanced over 100 patents for intellectual property that transformed e-commerce security. It was Cardinal’s software that gave rise to every tech entrepreneur’s success today! Because of Michael Keresman, the new epicenter for earth-shaking entrepreneurship for e-commerce shifted away from Silicon Valley to of all places Cleveland, Ohio and CardinalCommerce. More importantly, the financial giants like Visa and Mastercard knew it too. While Keresman may not be a household name to the likes of Bezos or Musk, to Visa he certainly was.

How Did Keresman Make Cleveland The Epicenter of E-Commerce and how did he make millions?

The True Secret to any successful business follows a simple notion observed by countless entrepreneurs since the beginning of time. Because of this Keresman INSTANTLY recognized the direction of his future success.

The 2 Methods of Leadership: When you wield these swords, you will inch your products and services to the front of the line. (Keresman adeptly engaged Both leadership methods. He knew this from the start and now, you will too!)

Connect your BRAND to the marketplace, protect and defend your rights, stand up for yourself and your employees: Keresman never backed down and neither will you.

Learn to recognize the Competent(s) and the Articulate(s) inside your company: Keresman optimized all of his employees to HIS advantage.

It’s not always… Us vs Them: Keresman guided the status quo to evolution not revolution. Keresman helped the leaders grow too. Keresman understood how his company fit into its own future, and so will you.

Influencers become Market Leaders: Meet Tim Sherwin and Chandra Balasubramanian two men with savant like proficiencies and enviable aptitudes. Together these three had the foresight that challenged the financial giants and guided the payments industry to what it is today.

Liquidity always follows when the house is in order: Keresman knew when it was time for a strategic partner. Learn his lessons here. For you, it may be sooner than you think.

In the end, we listen closely to the wisdom as Keresman delivers a commencement address. He proudly stands in front of the next generation of entrepreneurs just as subtle and influential as the day he decided to build his company from scratch.

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